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Financial Reporting Monitoring Committee

The FRMC’s main purpose is summarised in Section 56 of the Act; as to review the financial statements of Public Interest Entities( PIEs) or other entities  required under any enactment to file its financial statements and reports with a Government Department or Authority, in order to determine whether they are in compliance with the law and applicable reporting requirements as stipulated in the Act and the Authority’s Rules and Regulations; with the ultimate objective of protecting public interest. In fulfilment of the foregoing, the FRMC shall:

a) review financial statements for compliance with financial reporting requirements of any relevant enactment; financial reporting standards issued by the Authority under Section 52 of the Act; Rules, Regulations or Codes made under the Act; and to identify cases where it appears that these requirements have not been complied with;

b) review financial statements to assess the performance of PIEs, in particular those that are regarded to be under financial stress. Ratio analysis and other analytical procedures may be used to assess the liquidity, profitability, gearing and efficiency of the entities, amongst other assessment tools; and

c) promote the highest standards of corporate governance and compliance with professional ethics.