The Botswana Accountancy Oversight Authority (BAOA) was established by the Financial Reporting Act, 2010 (the Act) as the independent oversight body of the accounting and auditing profession; to regulate the reporting of financial matters of Public Interest Entities and the corporate sector; and for matters incidental thereto.

With specific reference to Certified Auditors of PIEs and Audit Firms for PIEs, Section 24 of the Act states that “notwithstanding anything contained in the Companies Act, or any other law, a person shall not hold any appointment, or offer any services for remuneration, as a Certified Auditor of a PIE, unless he or she is registered by the Authority as a Certified Auditor of PIE under this Act”, while Section 25 of the Act states that an audit firm shall not practise or provide audit services to a PIE unless such firm is registered with the Authority.

Pursuant to the foregoing, the following Certified Auditors of PIEs and Audit Firms for PIEs are registered with the Authority as at 1st January 2021:



Pricewaterhouse Coopers FAP001 Butler Phirie CAP001
Rudi Binedell CAP003
Anton Sheyan Edirisinghe CAP004
Siddihalu Kosala Wijesena CAP0025
Lalithkumar Mahesan CAP0031
Icho Ahmed Ado Molebatsi CAP0041
Deloitte & Touche FAP002
Frederik Christian Els CAP006
Pragnaben Naik CAP007
Cecilia Veeta Ramatlapeng CAP008
Eugeniya Georgievai Kyuchukova-Troanska CAP0026
Magritha Juanita Wootherspoon CAP0032
Ernst & Young FAP003 Bakani Ndwapi CAP0010
Thomas Nyasha Chitambo CAP0010
Francois Roos CAP0013
Obed Nokane CAP0038
Jestos Sinawa CAP0039
KPMG FAP004 Gosego Motsamai CAP0035
Julia Adele Venter CAP0041
Grant Thornton FAP005 Dinesh Radhakrihna Mallan CAP0015
Aswin Vaidyanathan CAP0016
Madhavan Venkatachary CAP0017
Sunny Kurian Mulakulam CAP0034
IAMS FAP006 Kandiah Rajadurai SriDaran CAP0018
Dayani SriDaran CAP0019
Mazars FAP007 Madhu Menon Kalathil CAP0020
Devaprasad Arakkal CAP0036
Devika Rayirath CAP0037
Rajagopal Chandhuvarath CAP0021
Shashikumar Velambath CAP0022
RSM Botswana FAP008 Gurusubrahmaniyan Gurumoorthi CAP0023
Prosper Vavariro Muonde CAP0024
Crowe Goel & Associates FAP009 Sanjay Goel CAP0027
Shekhar Goel CAP0028
BDO FAP0010 Christopher John Bray CAP0029
Christopher Matamande CAP0040
Donovan Van Der Vyver CAP0030

All Public Interest entities are therefore informed that only the above listed certified auditors and audit firms are permitted to offer audit services to Public Interest Entities. If you wish to obtain any more information or clarification, please contact the Authority.